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Make an appointment to register a notice of civil partnership

Due to changes in Immigration Law from 1 July 2021, appointments can only be made online by British Citizens, Irish Citizens and those who can prove their settled Euss status, pre settled EUSS status or pending EUSS status. 

Proof of settled, pre settled or pending EUSS status is required including a share code from the website (share code should not have been obtained more than 30 days before your appointment)

For all other notices please ring 0161 793 2500 or contact so we can advise you on all paperwork you will require to give notice.

DO NOT make an appointment if you are showing symptoms of COVID-19 

DO NOT make an appointment if you have been in contact with anyone showing symptoms of COVID-19 within the last 14 days  

Face coverings must be worn at all times unless you are medically exempt.   

Appointment times will be given with the advice that customers will only be permitted into the Town Hall at the time of their appointment. Early arrivals will not be permitted entrance until their allocated time and late arrivals will be sent away to make a new appointment.

For your safety do not bring any other family members to your appointment including children.

Please be aware that there will be no access to public toilets

It is really important that you read all the details in your confirmation email once you have made your appointment to avoid disappointment and unnecessary delays.

If you require disabled access please do not book your appointment online.  You will need to telephone 0161 793 2500.  This is so we can book your appointment for you at a suitable and convenient time, allowing you access to the building whilst maintaining your own safety. 

Congratulations on taking your first steps towards civil partnership.

Before you can enter into a civil partnership in a register office or approved venue in England and Wales, there are legal formalities you must complete. This is called a notice of civil partnership and is a legal statement that must be given by each of you, ideally attending the appointment together. 

A Notice of civil partnership has to be given in the area where you live, not where the ceremony is taking place, for example, if you live in Leigh but are getting married in Salford, your notice must be given in Wigan.

Notices of civil partnership can only be registered in Salford for Salford Residents who are European Economic Area (EEA) nationals and have lived in Salford for 9 days or more.  If you do not live in Salford, you must register in the district where you currently live, regardless of where the ceremony is taking place.

Non European Economic Area nationals will need to give notice at a Designated Register Office, the nearest office is the Manchester Register Office.  Please visit the Manchester City Council website to book an appointment or contact them on 0161 234 5005.

A notice of civil partnership costs £35 per person and has to be displayed for 28 days before you can legally enter into a civil partnership .  Notices are venue specific and are valid for 12 months.  Please ensure you do not make an appointment more than 12 months ahead of your ceremony date.

  • I am free lawfully to enter into civil partnership

  • I am a Salford resident

  • I have booked a venue for my ceremony and have obtained the full official name and address of that venue.

  • I understand that if I change my venue, I will have to register a new notice of civil partnership .

  • My ceremony will take place within next 12 months from the date of giving notice.

  • I am aware that my ceremony cannot take place until 28 clear days have passed from the date of giving notice.

  • I will bring all the appropriate supporting evidence

  • I understand that if I am late for my appointment I may not be seen and will need to re book.

  • This is a non refundable service

    Ceremonies outside England and Wales

    If you are getting married or entering into a civil partnership outside of England and Wales, different rules apply depending on the country where your ceremony will be held.

    You may be asked to provide a ‘Certificate of No Impediment’ which is a document to confirm there are no objections to your legal marriage/civil partnership.  You MUST consult with the legal authorities in the country where you propose to have your ceremony to ensure you have all the necessary legal paperwork required which can also include completing documentation in that country alongside providing your own necessary identity documents.

    If you are asked for the Certificate of No Impediment and if you are a resident in Salford we may be able to take your legal notice.  The certificate can be issued after 28 clear days from the date you gave your notice. This document however cannot be issued for all countries/nationalities due to the various laws and treaty agreements between the relevant countries.  

    If you are a resident of Salford and are unsure whether you are eligible to give notice of civil partnership please contact us on  0161 793 2500 or alternatively email us at with the following information about both of the parties:

  • Nationality

  • Place of Residence

  • Country where ceremony is to take place

  • Date of Ceremony

  • Day time contact number 

    Once we have this information we can contact you and advise if you are eligible to give notice.  You will need to provide the town, locality and country where your ceremony will take place.   You cannot book these appointments online.


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